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Residential Masonry Color Corrections & Complete Color Changes

We have trained BST architectural masonry color correction specialists on hand to look over your home or small buisiness and provide you with a cost effective staining solution. All of us here at Brick Staining Technology, Inc. look forward to working with you and your family! 

Full color Change! Before & After... .. .

brick multi-color staining

Hi Bob

Your guys are finishing up. 


Thank you so much.  It truly looks amazing.  I put it on Facebook, and one friend asked, "is this for real?"  She thought  the picture was done by computer.  Neighbors have stopped to  look. Thank you again.  I would gladly recommend your company to anyone.


Barbara K. Magnolia TX 

Brick & Mortar on steps, porch & addition color matched to house 

virg before virg after

"Brick Staining Technology, Inc. just finished color correctiong-brick staining my porch addition on my house. BST made the entire experience very smooth and trouble-free. The preliminary work-the making of the colors, scraping, washing, patching, etc.-was very expertly done, and everything was completed in a timely manner. There were some complications due to a new roof and some hand rail repairs being done during the same time period, but once that was completed, BST quickly sent over the men to take care of all the touching up and additional staining necessary. I would definitely recommend Brick Staining Technology, Inc. services to anyone with off color brick or masonry because it looks like it matches perfectly - see pictures my wife took."

- Dean S, Winston Salem, NC


TEXAS BEFORE texas after

Fort Worth, TX - 4 color, full exterior color change update - 2100 SQFT

"A few months ago, Bob sent a color tech out to my home to do what they call a walk around and give me an estimate for exterior staining. The brick walls were dated and just looked 70ish. The Estimate was VERY reasonable that Brick Staining Technoloy prepared for us so we scheduled the work to be done ASAP. The project manager showed up with his crew right on time and they went right to work. When I came home from work on the third day, the job was completed and my home was left as clean as before they came. BST's project manager showed up within the hour to inspect the work with me and to be sure that it was done to both of our expectations.

I am truly impressed with Brick Staining Technology's workmanship as well as the professionalism. I would HIGHLY recommend BST Brick Staining Technology" THANKS SO MUCH!

- John C, Fort Worth, TX

Full color change, brick staining

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