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Tough Coat

Brick Staining Technology, Inc.

Hi-Performance Coatings For Glazed & Hardened Masonry Products

BST | Brick Staining Technology, Inc

BST ToughCoat TM

Complete protection and hi-performance coating for masonry products. This revolutionary Acrylic Coating/Sealant is proven to beatify and protect modern-day [Brick, Block, Pavers, Pre-cast, and Manufactured Stone] for up to twenty five years, from everyday harmful elements, such as Ultra Violet Rays, Oxidation, Bird Droppings, Acid Rain, Fading and Diesel Fumes year after year.

BST | Brick Staining Technology, Inc

BST ToughCoat TM Interior Plus

Once the exterior Masonry has been treated, you can then apply the same high quality finish inside the building. NEVER PAINT AGAIN!

What are the BENEFITS of BST ToughCoatTM & BST ToughCoatTM Interior Plus?

  • Long-lasting showroom shine. BST ToughcoatTM will keep new buildings looking new and releases the full potential of older buildings. Perfect solution for all masonry types
  • Quick and easy cleaning * Eliminates pressure washing damage
  • Requires no more sealing NEVER SEAL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Increases re-sale value When the time comes to sell, you'll be glad you chose BST ToughCoatTM - its protective qualities maximize your buildings resale value.
  • Less maintenance - Simply washing with soap & water will make your masonry work shine like new.
  • BST's Twenty Five year Guarantee with every application!

BST's revolutionary hi-performance ToughCoatTM process serves as the highest quality beautifying masonry coating on the market. Precise color management, customized formulation, an unparalleled guarantee, and the flexibility to meet any hardened or glazed masonry color need only begin to describe this exciting BST ToughCoatTM process. 



Perfecting the Color of Americ's Masonry

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