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"Brick Staining Technology,Inc. frequently asked questions"

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What types of masonry surfaces can be stained or coated with BST's products?

All Masonry surfaces - Brick, block, mortar, precast, natural and manufactured stone and concrete. If your masonry product absorbs water, it will accept our BST Ultra-Translucent 600 masonry stains. Flat surfaces such as patio pavers, patios, driveways and walkways are also acceptable to our 600 stains. Brick Staining Technology, Inc. recently developed a new product called "BST Sidewalk NEW" this unique stain allows you to create the effect of new sidewalks on worn older walkways. BST's Tough-Coat product is used on glazed and hardened masonry products that do not except water. They are masonry products that are real hard or dense. This product adheres to the outer surface and allows BST color technicians the ability to color correct masonry that before this product was developed could not be changed. BST's Mortar Choice is used when mortar is off color and needs to be color corrected. Simply the most economical way to change the color of existing mortar.

BST Product line: BST Ultra-Translucent 600 Brick & Masonry Stain, BST's Tough-Coat, BST Sidewalk NEW, BST Mortar Choice and BST's Magic Mix Admixture 359. 

How are the BST stains and coatings applied?

Normally, when color correcting brick, BST's Ultra-Translucent 600 masonry stain is applied by hand one brick at a time. However, we use several different techniques such as sponging, sliding, ragging, spraying, etc. to achieve that perfect color and or match. Most of this is determind by the product we are appling to the wall and the type of masonry that is receiving the color change. The application process differs on each masonry surface so the most effective technique is determined on a per project basis by one of Brick Staining Technology's project managers or color technicians.

Do you offer a BST guarantee?

Yes, 50 years, we guarantee our stains and coatings for 50 years. In Europe, where the masonry tinting and staining technology originated, there are structures that were tinted over 100 years ago that still look perfect today. Brick Staining Technology, Inc. products and services are backed by the best warranty in the masonry color correcting field. 

What states do you perform your masonry color corrections and services?

  See Below: Operations are coast to coast but if for some reason we do not have a color technician in or around your location we will group your project with others in that same area to keep your cost at a minimum. 80% of all Brick Staining Technology, Inc. projects are located outside of Pennsylvania where our corporate office is located. We have been accommodating customers in unique areas of the United States for over 13 years with great success. So if you are located in the center of New York City or on a back road in Moss Point, Mississippi, we have the man power and resources to help with any masonry color issue you have.                                                              

Baton Rouge Louisiana, Mississippi & surrounding areas - PH# 225-234-0018
Chicago, Illinois, Michigan & surrounding areas - PH# 312-442-0067
Orlando Florida, Pensacola & surrounding areas - PH# 407-674-1397
San Francisco, California, Nevada & surrounding areas - PH# 415-570-7725
Atlanta Georgia, Alabama & surrounding areas - PH# 678-916-8619
Alexandrea Virginia, Washington D.C & surrounding areas - PH# 703-459-9577
Pinehurst North Carolina, South Carolina & surrounding areas - PH# 910-420-3202
New York New York, Boston & surrounding areas - PH# 646-368-8706
York Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Maryland & surrounding areas - PH# 717-266-4444
Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth Texas & Oklahoma - PH#           817-200-4288

The Corporate Office Is Toll Free & located In PA                      PH# 877-827-4257


What is the cost of the services?

The cost of the Brick Staining Technology, Inc. service is based on a number of factors, due to these factors each job is quoted on a job per job basis. Please contact us for a free quotation. When receiving a quotation from a competitor make sure they provide you with references complete with phone numbers and also provide you with an insurance certificate. You want to make sure that the people your talking on the phone with are the people doing the work and that if they do make a mistake they have insurance for your protection. 

Is it possible to see a sample before the actual project is started?

sample brick staining

Yes, Brick Staining Technology, Inc. will gladly provide a sample. Due to distance involved, on some projects architects and others choose to send us an original masonry product along with the product needing to be corrected. We will also stain mock-ups for architects and other customers as requested. The picture above shows a typical 2ft x 2ft BST sample.

Why use Brick Staining Technology Inc?

When you contract with Brick Staining Technology Inc. you recieve a knowledgable and experienced staff, the best warranty in the industry "50 Years" and a 100% track record of completing projects on time, on budget, with pride in workmanship. We also provide samples and free quotations to help you make a knowledgable decision!  

Thanks and all of us here at Brick Staining Technology is looking forward to working with you on your next brick staining or masonry color correction project!

Shown below is a precast panel with thin brick installed. The customer was not happy with the color consistency of the brick and contracted Brick Staining Technology to stain the off color brick units. Precast panels like the ones shown here have become much more popular over the last 8 to 10 years. It allows the mason / builder to have more control over the elements such as rain and snow and also comes in at lower square foot pricing on new builds and masonry restorations.

mississippi bad panel

Here is a panel that has been color corrected by Brick Staining Technology. The bricks have a consistent color range and look completely natural. 

mississippi thin brick panel

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