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BST | Brick Staining Technology, Inc

The BST proprietary staining system is a low viscosity, water-based solution of Potassium Silicate, together with finely dispersed, low particle sized inorganic iron oxide pigments and BST binders.  BST Stain is non-toxic and non-flammable.  The BST Custom 600 Staining System is designed to preserve the appearance of the substrates to which it is applied, while correcting color defects and enhancing the existing surface.  For this reason, BST Custom 600 Stain is specifically formulated to maintain maximum translucency, not to hide the texture or appearance of the substrate and should not be confused with proprietary masonry paints and their associated maintenance commitments.

BST Custom 600 Stain is formulated to achieve a high degree of penetration: this does not produce a film-forming coat but reacts chemically with the masonry substrate to produce insoluble, microcrystalline silicate bond.  BST Custom 600 Stain creates natural weather resistance by producing a semi-permeable membrane, which allows the structure to "breathe".

The original surface texture of the brickwork or masonry is not altered by the process the evident effect is the designed color change.  This stain system was used industrially for over forty years with great success and potassium silicate stains have been applied to brickwork and masonry in various forms for over one hundred years.

BST Custom 600 Stain is inorganic in nature, having no Volatile Organic Compounds (Zero V.O.C.s) It has no combustible or harmful decomposition products during a fire situation.  Potassium Silicates are also outstanding for their resistance to biodegradation.  They are alkaline in nature, are resistant to mold and algae.

"Brick Color Correction"

BST | Brick Staining Technology, Inc


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