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New Product: BST Chameleon Brick Stain

Brick Staining Technology, Inc.

A Reflective Translucent Staining Breakthrough

The staff at BST is at it again! Our BST technicians have gone over and beyond what up until now was thought to be only a dream. They stained their faces, their shirts, several automobile interiors and a few dozen pair of shoes. Our BST technicians have also ruined every pair of pants they own. BST and our staff have done all this in an effort to make real an idea we had, one we had been told repeatedly could not be realized:

A Reflective / Translucent Stain

Yes, a shimmering rainbow effect like you would see when the light catches a clear soap bubble.  BST's new stain can radiate a single, vibrant hue throughout the entire sphere - green, orange, silver, even gold.  It's a stain that makes brick manufacturers giggle and stunned brick staining competitors tear up in awe.  It's a stain you don't expect to see, conditioned as you are to the notion that brick and block are colored without reflective tendencies.  The result is an unnaturally beautiful masonry product.

One of BST's customers called it amazing technology. We at BST feel we are doing just what is expected of us, no more. The market for reflective stains is not as great as the market for our advanced traditional stains but having this type of stain available is just one more thing that sets Brick Staining Technology, Inc. apart. Picture entire NFL stadiums complete with BSTChameleonTM, or Corporate office buildings that change colors as the light reflects off the masonry. The potential market can and will grow tremendously. So what are a few shoes, tee shirts and a vehicle interior worth? "BSTChameleon"TM So, whether you want an entire building stained or have a color matching problem on a job site, Brick Staining Technology, Inc. is just a phone call away.



Perfecting the Color of America's Masonry

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