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When choosing Brick Staining Technology, Inc. architects, homeowners, project managers, contractors, brick manufactures & property managers do not have to allow incompatible off color masonry on new builds, additions, repairs & restorations. All masonry colors can be created, matched or replicated on all masonry buildings! Pictured above is a home located in Washington DC, the home owner contracted Brick Staining Technology, Inc. to complete a full color change. The brick was stained multiple colors with BST's Ultra-Translucent 600 masonry-brick stain and the mortar was stained a natural cream color.

Brick Staining Technology's - Brick Staining & Masonry Color Technicians using a safe, affordable, and proven masonry staining or coating technique will cost effectively color correct all masonry color problems in Brick, Block, Mortar, ConcretePrecast, Stone & More or BST can change the color of a masonry structure that simply looks outdated and needs a facelift. 
"We price all of our services affordably and offer on site samples"  
"Picture above - Pressure washing damaged brick, repaired by staining" 

For more information about BST Brick Staining Technology, Inc. or for pictures and or references, please contact our corporate office Toll Free at 877-827-4257. You may want to look at our Client Gallery located to the left of this page to see some completed Brick Staining, Block Staining, Mortar Staining and other masonry staining and color correcting undertakings.

Brick Staining Technology, Inc. has solutions for off color brick or matching issues, poor masonry repairs, complete masonry color changes, masonry stained by fire & smoke, graffiti removal, mortar color problems, off color stone or precast caused by the manufacturing process and much more! Our masonry staining & tinting performed by Brick Staining Technology, Inc. skilled technicians is covered by an exceptional... .. . 
50 year warranty and service guarantee !
Now thanks to Brick Staining Technology, Inc. you no longer have to tolerate inconsistent & off color problems with your masonry. You will have peace of mind knowing BST's services and product line-up is backed by the best warranty in the masonry color correction industry. 
"Picture above- off color manufactured Stone stained and color corrected"  

At Brick Staining Technology, Inc. it isn't just award winning masonry color correcting, brick staining, rehabilitation and restoration work that makes us a partner worth knowing. It's also our reputation for building trust — trust we work to earn day after day by completing projects on time, on budget, with a level of workmanship that surpasses even the highest standards of excellence.

Pictured below is a 3400square foot block color restoration completed by Brick Staining Technology, Inc. June, 2007  "The new Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh, PA"

"Simply swipe cursor over the picture below"

Block Color Correction


Testimonial:   The first thing the customers notice is how great the place looks, just beautiful. I think when the hotel was designed the stone looking block was one of the main focal points and Brick Staining Technology made it happen. BST was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough. Bob personally followed the project from start to finish and made sure the off color block was corrected to the range we originally wanted. We were happy with the finished project and impressed to this day!  I would highly recommend BST for any masonry need.... .. .Roger K Lang


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Available Nationwide - York PA, Harrisburg PA, Pennsylvania, Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC, Fayetteville NC, Greensboro NC, Concord NC, North Carolina, Atlanta GA, Augusta GA, Columbus GA, Savanna GA, Macon GA, Georgia GA, Greenville SC, Charleston SC, Summerville SC, Florence SC, South Carolina, Fort Worth TX, Amarillo TX, Dallas TX, Houston TX, San Antonio TX, Texas, Oklahoma City, Richmond, Roanoke, Virginia Beach, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Norfolk Virginia, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, San Jose CA, San Francisco CA, Oakland CA, California, Albany NY, Binghamton NY, Orlando Florida, New York New York, & Nationwide.

Brick Staining Technology, Inc. is proud to be a member of the ICRI

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